Care Navigation Training Programme

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Training overview
These sessions are designed to equip learners to effectively communicate with patients and the multi-disciplinary team, guiding them to the most relevant clinician or local services based on patient needs.
Both foundation and advanced level skills training are available.

Foundation training is open to everyone to those in reception and care navigator roles who are involved in triaging requests to develop a strong understanding of care navigation.

Advanced training is open to those already embedded in this role, or have undertaken other training, to enhance their knowledge and skills and to help implement this training into their practice/PCN.

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Foundation level training

Duration: Two 2.5 hour sessions 

This training helps learners understand care navigation’s purpose and its impact on population health. It defines the role, explores determinants of health, introduces the Directory of Service (DOS), and builds confidence in signposting patients.

This training is suitable for staff who:
  • is new to care navigation and will offer foundation level skills training
  • is looking to become more confident to communicate effectively with patients and members of the multi-disciplinary team 

This training will:

  • enable participants to understand the purpose of care navigation and the impact it can have in improving population health
  • define the role and boundaries of care navigation
  • help to develop an understanding of the wider determinants of health and importance of Making Every Contact Count
  • support participants to understand the purpose of the Directory of Service (DOS) and useful local partner organisations
  • build confidence in signposting patients to local services
Advanced level training

Duration: Two 2.5 hour sessions

This training aligns with 
Health Education England’s Care Navigation Competency Framework at the Enhanced or Silver Level. It focuses on coaching-style care navigation, professionalism, and integration within the primary care team.

This training is suitable for staff who:
  • work with a higher level of independence than those primarily stationed at the front desk.
  • are experienced and engaged in direct patient interactions, either face-to-face or virtually, employing a case management approach.
  • are dedicated to navigation appointments or assigned responsibility for specific patient populations, such as Carers Champions.
  • are involved in unsupported conversations with patients and are essential members of the multidisciplinary team.
  • occupy roles such as care coordinators, case managers, senior care navigators, working either within a practice or across a primary care network.
Please note that social prescribers and individuals in senior dedicated navigation roles who have already undergone motivational interviewing or health coaching training may find this training less necessary.