Mouth Care Matters - in the community


Using this Training Material


Mouth care is an essential part of maintaining good health and quality of life for vulnerable people and people with learning disabilities. People with good oral health are able to eat and drink properly, helping them take part in life, stay independent for longer and recover from episodes of frailty more quickly. 

This training package has been developed for use across the North West of England.

It contains training material suitable for the wider care team, including the responsibilities of care managers and the role of care staff carrying out admissions, assessments and provision of daily mouth care.

The training material is delivered in short, easy to understand training videos. 

Each video has an assessment tool which needs to be completed in order to receive a training certificate.

Ideally all managers should complete section 1, 2 and 3. Care staff should complete section 2 and 3 at induction.

All other sections can be accessed as part of their ongoing development.

Section 1

Training for Community Managers

Section 2

Mouth Care Training for Staff in the Community

Section 3

Training for staff in the community: Personal mouth care for all

Section 4

Mouth Care for People with Dysphagia, peg fed or nil by mouth

Section 5

Mouth care for people who are care-resistive and/or living with dementia

Section 6

Personal Mouth Care for those with Physical Disabilities

Section 7

Personal mouth care for an individual with a full and/or partial denture

Section 8

Mouth Care at the End of Life

Section 9

Common Oral Problems

Section 10

Mouth Care Products