This section should be completed by dental professionals who will be prescribing or advising on analgesia or antimicrobial use. These resources aim to encourage a consistent approach to the management of acute dental problems, while recognising the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic presents for provision of dental care. Guidance might change as new information becomes available.


Arrangements for provision of recommended or prescribed medication​

North West guidance on remote prescribing. This local guidance might change as new information becomes available.

Drug Prescribing for Dentistry: Dental Clinical Guidance ​

SDCEP guidance to facilitate drug prescribing within primary care dental practice by bringing together advice on dental prescribing from the BNF and BNFC and presenting it in a readily accessible, problem-orientated style.

GDC: High level principles for good practice in remote consultations and prescribing​​

Principles of good practice expected of everyone when consulting and/or prescribing remotely from the patient.

Feedback and Evaluation