Supervised Toothbrushing in Early Years and Educational Settings

Welcome to staff training for early years and educational staff. Tooth decay in children under five years in the north west of England is higher than the England average. Research shows brushing with a fluoride toothpaste twice daily prevents tooth decay (Marinho , Higgins, Logan and Sheiham, 2003). Oral health is a key part of the EYFS framework. Supervised Toothbrushing Programmes in settings are an effective way to reduce tooth decay.

These programmes may be re-established from September 2020 and must follow COVID-19: guidance for supervised toothbrushing programmes in early years and school settings (Published 13 August 2020, PHE). Please contact your local team for further information or support, details of which can in the ‘Local health teams contact information’ document in the ‘Resources & Publications’ section.

Using this Training Material

This training material is intended for early years and education staff who are working with their local health teams to deliver a supervised toothbrushing programme. Please note some of this training material was produced before the Coronavirus pandemic. Please adhere to the latest guidance on social distancing and infection control.

All 3 training videos take less than 30 minutes to watch.

Encourage all members of your team to watch the following key training materials:

  • Supervised Toothbrushing Programme for Early Years Care and Education Settings video
  • Introducing ‘Smiles Matter’ Supervised Brushing in Oldham video
  • Implementing the supervised toothbrushing programme in your setting video
  • You may wish to use the Parent/Guardian video in your setting to support parents.

We have also provided ‘Resources and Publications’ which you may find helpful.

Please complete the feedback and you will receive a training certificate. We review all feedback to improve the training offer.

Training Materials

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PowerPoint presentation in which Sue Hodgkiss, Oral Health Improvement Practioner/Hygienist guides you through the delivery and implementation of a supervised toothbrushing programme.

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The aim of this video is to demonstrate how to deliver the supervised toothbrushing programme and includes views from educational staff about the implementation. Produced by Oldham Council.

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The aim of this video is to provide a step by step guide to enable implementation. Produced by Healthy Families Team, Bolton Foundation Trust.

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PowerPoint presentation in which Sue Hodgkiss, Oral Health Improvement Practioner/Hygienist provides information on toothbrushing at home and finding an NHS dentist for you to present as part of the introduction of the programme to the parents/guardians of children attending your setting.

Resources and Publications

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This guidance will support the gradual recommencement of the toothbrushing programme from September 2020