Role Summary

Clinical Pharmacist are increasingly working as part of general practice teams. They are highly qualified experts in medicines and can help people in a range of ways. This includes carrying out structured medication reviews for patients with ongoing health problems and improving patient safety, outcomes and value through a person-centred approach.   


Case Study

A Greater Manchester practice has a pharmacist five mornings in a week. They deal with all patient queries relating to medication, reauthorize where appropriate and bring in line medication lists. The practice reports that this reduced the GP workload significantly and has also helped recruit new GPs to the practice.   

Another practice in Trafford lost a part time GP and was struggling to recruit. They now employ a full time pharmacist who carries out all their medication reviews. She holds her own clinics and meets with the patient face to face. The practice reports that impact, particularly for polypharmacy patients, has been profound and the reduction in workload has enabled the practice to consider other roles to the the GP gap.    

employing a pharmacist

As part of the five-year GP Contract Framework reform, a new Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service (DES) will be introduced. GP practices working in Primary Care Networks will be guarateed funding for up to 20,000 additional staff, including clinical pharmacists. This scheme will meet a recurrent 70% of emplyment costs for additional clinical pharmacists (subject to specific rules) from 1 July 2019.     

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