We champion primary care as a career destination. This is achieved by ensuring access to quality lifelong learning experiences to strengthen and expand the workforce.


Student placements take place in a Clinical Learning Environment (CLE).

This is an audited primary care service, thoroughly inspected to ensure the services and students safety. Learning Environment’s provide a setting of realism, where skills and knowledge can be applied to patients directly and prepare students for a successful and future career.

With a positive experience, and understanding that many career paths are chosen whilst on placement, our aim is to encourage students to return to primary care upon qualifying. This will, in turn, sustain the future of primary care and its workforce.


General Practice is particularly suited to supporting the development of nursing students due to the wide range of learning opportunities.

If you are a practice that trains medical students or doctors to become GPs, then you will already have developed your own ideas about how to structure a learner’s working week. 

Student nurses benefit from a similar range of learning opportunities are known to improve practice and care delivery. Placements can vary from 5-12 weeks.


Paramedics have a track record in providing flexible and innovative ways of delivering extended clinical care.

They are an autonomous practitioner who has the knowledge, skills and clinical expertise to assess and treat. They also have the ability to diagnose, supply and administer medicines. 

Any practice can host a student paramedic, and a typical placement is just 1 week long. 

Physician Associate

The Physician Associate (PA) is a rapidly growing healthcare role in the UK, working alongside GPs. 

They support GPs in the diagnosis and management of patients. They are trained to perform a number of roles: taking medical histories, performing examinations, analysing test results, and diagnosing illnesses under the supervision of a doctor.


Sustainable Future

You will be educating the workforce of the future, in turn, helping to sustain the NHS

Recruitment Opportunities

The potential to #growyourown. Many students return to the Learning Environment where they had a positive experience


You will receive a payment for each student you mentor, up-to £102 per day

Multidisciplinary Learning

Create an open atmosphere for discussion, leading to patient focussed decision-making

Personal Development

Training students will help you develop leadership and communication skills

Free Training and Support

We will support you, providing solutions to problems and free training and support to develop your team

Supporting student nurses in practice

This e-learning for healthcare package contains training materials to support student nurses undertaking a general practice placement. The training here is intended to equip you with the basics and get you started and complement the training you will receive in local practice. Once you have completed the ‘Essential Learning’, we recommend that you refer to the ‘Additional Learning’ where appropriate.

Placement Charter

This Charter demonstrates the Placement’s commitment to provide a safe and high quality learning environment for all learners to prepare them for their future roles working collaboratively in multi-professional teams.

Expressions Of Interest