NW Post-CCT Fellowship Scheme 2022/23

Aims of the HEE Post-CCT Fellowship Programme:

Meet regional and local population health needs by: 

  • Aligning with STP (Sustainability and Transformation Partnership)/ICS (Integrated Care System) or other locally identified priorities 
  • Contributing to the delivery of high-quality health care 
  • Addressing unequal workforce distribution 
  • Reducing health inequalities 
  • Making the GP role more attractive and helping “deliver the promise” of a varied and stimulating career.
  • Contributing to the development of future GP system leaders

Please complete the application form via the link below:

Post-CCT Fellowship Additional Funding Application 2022-23





Partner organisations are responsible for setting salary and terms & conditions for the fellows, who should be paid for every session worked, including their personal development time. In multiple partner bids, robust internal arrangements should exist to handle the recharging of salary costs. 

For 2022/2023, we are able to offer each fellow 2 supported sessions plus a bursary: 

  • HEE will reimburse £9,482 per session aligned to personal development (which equates to £18,964 for 2 sessions) For each fellowship, HEE will also provide up to a maximum of £5,000 for education support for which a schedule of expenditure will be required. 
  • This money will be paid on receipt of an invoice once a fellow is in post. Partner organisations will also be responsible for ensuring that appointed HEE fellows are not receiving double payments i.e. using HEE fellowships funds and other fellowship funding such as NHSE/I to support the same session(s) or the same educational development initiatives. 

HEE NW Support 

All post CCT fellows will be invited to an induction session to enable them to meet other fellows and plan their development. In addition, they will be invited to attend the Higher Professional Education (HPE) programme which consists of five days each year. They will also be able to apply for the Professional Education and Development (PED) course. Information will be shared with them about academic opportunities available locally from Edge Hill University, Manchester University and the University of Central Lancashire and from the NHS Leadership Academy.


Please submit your application as soon as possible, applications close at 11:59pm on Thursday 16th February 2023.

Fellowship Support: Primary Care School [email protected]
Fellowship Clinical Lead: Dr Rebecca Baron [email protected]
This information can also be found on the post-CCT fellowships section of our website: https://nwpgmd.nhs.uk/post-cct-gp-fellowship-programme-hee-nw

Learn more about the Fellowship and the support which can be provided by using the HEE NW Post-CCT Fellowship PDF:


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