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National Workforce Reporting System (NWRS) – The NWRS is made up of two modules:

1) The data entry module is where General Practices and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) complete their workforce information, to fulfil their requirements for the workforce Minimum Data Set (wMDS).

2) The reporting module is a suite of reports containing published, non-identifiable, based on the workforce data supplied by Practices and PCNs.

NWRS login page

How to gain Access to NWRS
If you are required to edit Practice / PCN data, but cannot access the Data Entry Module, please contact [email protected] , quoting ‘NWRS Practice / PCN Access Issue’ in the subject field of the email and include information regarding the Practice / PCN that you require access for, so that the correct permissions can be granted.

How is workforce information entered?
Once access and rights to enter workforce data is obtained, on logging into the tool, you will be presented with the Staff Overview for the organisation you are assigned to see – this will differ slightly depending upon which type(s) of organisation(s) you have permissions to edit data for.

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