Workforce Development Funding, also known as Upskilling Funding, is a resource allocation from Health Education England (HEE) allocated in the 19/20 financial year.  

The funding supports the provision of high quality care and continuing professional development (CPD) of the non-medical workforce by contributing to the costs of learning. 

Health Education England (HEE) and Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership (GMHSCP) agreed that the funding, which previously went to CCGs, will now go through the Greater Manchester Training Hub.

Existing members of staff in primary care will now be able to access funding to support their career development and to help meet the needs of their practice and patient population.


If you are apart of the non-medical workforce, currently work within general practice and intend to align your application to the HEE Star and its themes you are eligible to apply. The HEE themes are outlined below, and this is what you will align your application to.

HEE Themes: 

1) Developing the support worker
2) Upskilling for extended and advanced roles in priority service areas
3) Supporting patient safety and person centred care
4) Supporting career progression
5) Enabling apprenticeships
6) Promoting prevention
7) Workforce modelling and redesign

For more information and understanding of HEE themes, click the star found on this page.


The WDF Board will not fund full educational programmes such as masters.

The board will also not support individual applications over £1000. Larger applications will only be considered for groups of learners.

There are also some national HEE restrictions on how the funding can be utilised within organisations – please note the following exclusions where the Workforce Development Funding cannot be used: 


For more information, and for a copy of the application form, please e-mail [email protected] directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Workforce Development Fund Board will meet at the beginning of each month to review all applications, after which any remaining funds will be carried over to the following month for review at the next WDF Board meeting. All applications will be reviewed individually and discussed at the Board Meeting. We cannot guarantee any funding allocations unless they have been approved by the Board.

Please allow up-to 6 weeks for a decision and a response from one of our team. 

If you have not received an answer after 6 weeks, please contact [email protected]

Here are the top 5 types of training that are typically funded:

Women’s Health
HCSW in General Practice

If you would like further advice and support before commencing your application, please contact [email protected]