Learning Environment Feedback


GMTH has partnered with numerous Social Care settings in order to provide our Learners access to high quality social care placements. However, it isn’t only the Learners that have enjoyed and benefited from the opening of these Clinical Learning Environments, read below excerpts from interviews with the managers of two of these newly established Clinical Learning Environments and discover how Learners have benefited their settings and discover their views on aspiring social care nurses and the future of the sector!

The below answers have been paraphrased for flow.

Q&A with Caroline Pressick, Nursing Home Manager
The below answers have been paraphrased for flow.

Flexibility. Good up to date clinical knowledge, good time management skills.

The majority of my residents have advanced dementia. Even though they have poor communications skills, the fact that students can spend time with them appears to make some residents respond positively.

Q&A with Gail, Nursing Home Manager

The below answers have been paraphrased for flow.

I feel humbled providing care for people in need. The residents in the care home become your family and you build trust with them. I do not feel that you get to build relationships with patients in hospital, due to constantly being moved around and short stays in hospital.

It has enriched the lives of my residents. They have been feeling cut off throughout covid and all new faces are a delight for them. As they have more time on their hands they are able to spend some time, chatting, exercising with the residents which provides looks of benefits to their well being and stimulates them.

By continuing to do what you’re a doing. They need to come in and see how educating it is to care for people with a variety of different care needs