Our Involvement in social care

Why the Social Care sector?

GMTH has historically been involved in placing healthcare learners into practise placements across Greater Manchester, promoting the recruitment and retention of a workforce of Allied Health Professionals that will meet the healthcare demands of the local population. This is in response to the national demand for social care provision, which has never been greater than at present owing to an ageing and ever-growing population.

CLE Engagement

GMTH is proud to work in partnership with our Clinical Learning Environments in order to devise and implement quality practise placements that meet the requirements of both our partnered higher education institutes and our learners. The Clinical Educator/Practice Education Facilitator Team proudly liaises with both our learners and the staff of the environment in which we place them in order to assure a positive and supportive relationship between GMTH and the home, reacting to feedback and implementing change in a progressive manner.

The story so far...

GMTH has made great strides in the creation and implementation of learner placements within social care, alongside its established presence within the primary care sector. Last year saw the completion of the EELE Project (Enabling Effective Learning Environments Project), in which GMTH opened a small portfolio of Social Care Clinical Learning Environments, and overwhelmingly positive feedback was received by the students. The greatly successful project involved liaison between GMTH staff members, care home staff, and learners. In succession to the EELE Project, Social Care now has a place within the Clinical Placement Expansion Program in which clinical placements are constantly developed within Social Care, with exciting new rotational programmes implemented where learner placements include exposures to both Social Care and Primary Care.

Student Engagement and Ambassadors

GMTH is proud to empower their learners to achieve their learning objectives and goals. Previous learners placed by GMTH have enjoyed placements in both social care and primary care. GMTH recognises the needs of our learners and encourages them to make full use of rotational programmes and SPOKE placements in order to best utilise their placement hours. Students are also encouraged to advocate change and have previously been involved in project work, such as the EELE project implementation, which has been recognised on a national level, culminating in a learner attending a National Awards Ceremony in London having been shortlisted for Adult Branch Student Nurse of the Year at the Student Nursing Times Awards.