Continuing Professional Development

The Greater Manchester Training Hub working in partnership with Greater Manchester Social Care Academy has been approached by NHS England to provide free training to the clinically registered social care workforce available until December 2024.

Frailty – It’s Everybody’s Business

Frailty is a chronic condition related to the ageing process in which multiple body systems lose their in-built reserves. Older adults who are living with frailty are less able to cope when stressor events strike, such as acute illness. 50% of adults over 85 are thought to live with frailty in the United Kingdom (Age UK, 2022). 

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Nutrition, Hydration and Swallowing Issues Training

Join us for our 3-hour workshop, which has been created to enable you to build the knowledge and skills in conjunction with Age UK and Greater Manchester Nutrition and Hydration.

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Wound Management

Embark on a journey into Tissue Viability through our expert-led education sessions. Dive into understanding skin anatomy and physiology. Explore the stages of wound healing, from start to finish, to understand how the body repairs itself. 


“Hannah is an excellent knowledgeable Trainer.”
“The course was very interactive and inclusive.”
“Best training I have had for many years.”
“Really got me thinking but in an encouraging way.”

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Long Term Condition Management – Diabetes and COPD

COPD is not just a smoker’s cough, it’s a serious lung condition that affects millions, silently deteriorating their quality of life. Let’s breathe life into awareness and action against COPD.

We are delighted to invite you to join this short yet comprehensive course on Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), specifically developed for those dedicated to caring for individuals diagnosed with COPD within the social care sector.

This course aims to bridge the gap between medical knowledge and practical care techniques, ensuring you are well-equipped with the understanding and skills needed to provide exceptional support to those living with COPD.

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Empowered Conversations

Empowered Conversations provides a learning space for professionals to consider how they can improve their connections for people living with dementia. We have LIMITED PLACES for both face-to-face and virtual FREE sessions available.

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Oral Hygiene

This training is to provide staff within Care settings with evidence-based knowledge and skills to provide and improve oral health care within a person-centred approach. It covers understanding relevance and importance of oral health policies/documents, how to explain the links between oral health and general health, understand the need for effective tooth brushing and more.

Male/Female Urinary Catheterisation

The Greater Manchester Training Hub has been working in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Cancer Academy to provide free catheterisation training to the registered social care workforce.

These interactive sessions will be delivered by a subject matter expert and will consist of an initial presentation followed by a practical session.

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We are dedicated to offering top-quality vein training and education. Our VeinTraining partnership enables us to give you up to date, easily accessible practical training that is convenient for you.

VeinTrain was chosen because it possess decades of expertise in venepuncture, cannulation, and teaching. We are thrilled to offer this superb training to you.

Your online skills lab is waiting for you as we eagerly anticipate working with you to share the best of available knowledge and expertise so you can offer the best care and treatment for our population to suit them, where they are and preventing admissions or trips to healthcare organisations.

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Social Care Wider Workforce Training

The GM Social Care Academy and the Greater Manchester Training Hub have developed a list of training offers for non-clinical Adult Social Care Staff (though clinical staff are welcome to access them too) available until December 2024.

Make Every Contact Count (MECC) Train the trainer

MECC aims to help people make healthier choices. Supporting staff to engage in positive conversations about mental health and wellbeing with people they interact with every day. This training will enable you to deliver MECC for Mental Health.

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Medicine Management

Do you want to learn how to manage medication safely?

Join us for discussions around legislation, accountability, and responsibility around medicines, safe administration and record keeping.

We are offering ninety minute sessions via Microsoft Teams with the opportunity to submit your questions beforehand.

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