Continuing Professional Development

An increased investment of £150m in continuing professional development (CPD) has been made available for registered nurses, midwives and allied health professionals (AHPs). All AHP fourteen roles, as listed on this page, are included in the CPD allocation.

Funding equates to £1,000 per eligible registered health professional over the next 3 years, equalling £333 per year.

The Primary Care 20/21 CPD allocation has been calculated using the September 2019 NHS Digital General Practice Workforce data.

Access to funding must be linked to personal professional requirements as well as system and population health priorities. This funding aims to support the NHS, and support building skills and expertise of our workforce vital to services and communities.

For clarity, this funding is an investment solely for CPD and cannot be used for funding backfill.

Clinical Pharmacy Training

Letter regarding training for clinical pharmacists employed using the PCN additional role reimbursement scheme funding

Eligible Staff

The following staff are eligible for CPD funding:

All registered nurses
Art Therapists
Drama therapists
Music therapists
Occupational therapists
Operating Department Practitioners
Prosthetists and Orthotists
Speech and language therapists

2020 Timetable


2021 Timetable


Frequently Asked Questions

Eligible Staff

CPD funding is available to all registered nursing roles

Settings for staff to be eligible are as follows:

Staff working in NHS Trusts and Foundations Trusts (including ambulance trusts) and staff working in general practice are included.

Staff working in the following settings are excluded:

Social enterprises, independent sector (including those delivering NHS services), social care, Arm’s Length Bodies and CCGs.

This is for General Practice and included in guidance from NHS England / Improvement. 

Eligible staff are those working in general practice and this is in the guidance. Those colleagues although employed on behalf of the PCN the lead GP Practice within the PCN would normally report to NHS Digital as part of their workforce return.

Paramedics are included and are part of the HCPC AHP list


A tool has been developed which identifies themes to be considered when reviewing training needs (CPD menu). This should be used in conjunction with appraisal discussions and service priorities when establishing CPD requirements.

This tool does not provide an exhaustive list of CPD training that is available to eligible professionals. Requests for training not included in this tool can be requested.

If a learning need is evidenced and approved as part of the CPD investment plan, CPD funding can be used as part payment.

This would require agreement across all Practices, PCN’s, CCG Workforce Leads and Lead Nurse representatives within the locality and would be dependent on the training needs analysis being current and relevant.


Yes, however this would need to be evidenced within the investment plan as an identified learning need to address population health needs, skills shortages, and personal development plans.

Reporting - GDPG and Information Governance

Investment plan and return templates will be asking for personal staff information to ensure that CPD funds are utilised appropriately and as agreed.

Personal information will be shared with PCN’s, CCG’s and the STP level Training Hub to provide assurances that CPD funds are distributed fairly, according to the agreed investment plan. All stakeholders will be responsible for ensuring that their GPDR/IG processes are followed, and personal details are not shared where staff have not consented.

Funding Arrangements

Funding streams will be from the STP level Training Hub to PCN’s. The Locality Leads submit their CPD return templates for its eligible workforce to STP level Training Hubs and this will determine the best process for funding to be distributed. Training Hub’s may procure programmes at scales based on investment plans with agreement from PCN’s/CCG’s. If programmes are procured from Locality TH’s payment will be made directly to the provider.

The CPD funding will not be used to cover STP level Training Hub administration costs. The administration of CPD monies is a core function of a Training Hub and as such administration will be absorbed through the infrastructure funding.

This is an excellent opportunity for Training Hubs to build relationships with their PCN’s, CCG Workforce Leads and the GM Primary Care Lead Nurse Collaborative.

This is different to Workforce Development Funding. 20/21 Workforce Development monies are being managed through the ICS/STP’s, to support system wide development. At this time, STP level Training Hubs are not aware of a WD allocation being made as in previous years.

Funding has been allocated down to an individual level using Sept’19 NHS Digital returns. Consideration must be given that CPD funding has been allocated on a ‘point in time’ basis. This may not include every member of the current primary care teams due to workforce movement and incomplete data returns. Practices are encouraged to complete future data returns to enable more accurate payments in future financial years. If support is required, STP level Training Hubs can facilitate.

Until the investment plans are completed it is unknown whether there will be sufficient or surplice CPD funds. Where the STP level Training Hub identifies economies of scale this may produce savings that can be reinvested, providing increased opportunities for professionals not captured in the Sept’19 NHS Digital returns.

All CPD monies must be allocated and paid to PCN’s/CCG’s in year. The STP level Training Hub cannot carry CPD funds over into the next financial year.

Yes, however PCN’s should work with their local CCG Workforce Leads/Primary Care Lead Nurse to develop investment plans. Administration of funding will be through an agreed local arrangement between the STP level Training Hub and all afore mentioned stakeholders.

Any funding previously allocated cannot be reclaimed from the individual learner. This CPD funding is excluded from any existing learning & development financial contractual arrangements. This CPD funding has been allocated regionally by NHS England and no instruction to re-claim monies because of staff movement has been made.

Data used for CPD funding

The data set was provided from NHS Digital General Practice Workforce Data 30 September 2019.

The HEE National Primary Care Team are working with NHSE/I to collate this information, broken down by STP footprint. This will be shared as soon as it is available.

Investment Templates

Investment plan and return templates will be asking for personal staff information to ensure that CPD funds are utilised appropriately and as agreed.