Podcast: Primary Care Knowledge Boost

Produced by Dr Sara MacDermott and Dr Lisa Adams

All things General Practice!

Join Dr Sara MacDermott and Dr Lisa Adams – two GPs in the Greater Manchester area – as they interview specialists from different subject areas. The podcasts aim to improve the confidence and knowledge of local primary care clinicians.

The podcast has been made possible due to the support of Wigan CCG and GP Excellence in Greater Manchester.

Practice Managers in General Practice

Published 23, June 2021

As part of our series of podcasts commissioned for the GPN Fellowship Lisa and Sara talk to practice managers Amanda Ormesher and Karen Bradshaw about the role of the practice manager in general practice.  This is a great episode to find out more about the role and how varied it is.  We go through what a practice manager is, the different remits of practice managers and some learning points about the role for new staff coming into primary care. Their passion and dedication are uplifting to hear.

Primary Care Networks

Published 12, May 2021

As part of our series of podcasts commissioned for the GPN Fellowship Lisa and Sara discuss the topic of Primary Care Networks with Vicky Tolliday (Nurse, Director of the social enterprise “Better Health Manchester”, and Clinical Director of a Primary Care Network), and Dr Girish Patel (GP and Clinical Director of a Primary Care Network).

They explain some of the basics about Primary Care Networks; what they are, their structure, leadership and their purpose. They also cover some aspects of funding including Directed Enhanced Services (DES), discuss how they both became clinical directors and what this role entails, as well as talking about some opportunities to get involved with Primary Care Networks. They finish by explaining what they see to be the pros and cons of Primary Care Networks. 

Physiotherapists in Primary Care

Published 24, March 2021

The next in our series talking about additional roles in primary care is all about physiotherapists in general practice.  Lisa and Sara talk to senior physiotherapists Judith Dawson and Joanne Roberts about how they became involved in physiotherapy in primary care and the roles of physiotherapists in this setting, including First Contact Practitioners. Having been part of enhancing primary care access to physiotherapy throughout the years, it’s great to get their perspectives on the role now and what it might look like in the future. We take the opportunity to get their top tips for managing knee osteoarthritis and low risk back pain.

Paramedics in Primary Care

Published 3, March 2021

The next in our series talking about additional roles in primary care is all about paramedics in general practice. Lisa and Sara speak to Scott Murray, who has been working as a paramedic within primary care for some time now, having transitioned through acute care and urgent care. He talks us through his journey, why he chose to move to primary care and some tips for both paramedics and the general practice team about how to make that transition.

Physician Associates in Primary Care

Published 10, February 2021

As part of their mini-series in Primary Care New Roles, Lisa and Sara spoke with Physician Associate Ricky Staniland to get an idea of how he became a Physician Associate in General Practice and what his role includes at present. Definite learning points were just how varied and useful Physician associates can be in practice. As part of her role as clinical director of Primary Care Workforce and Greater Manchester Training Hub, Dr Ali Lea joins the discussion.

An Introduction to GP and GP Nurse Fellowships

Published 25, November 2020

Here to explain what fellowships are is GP and GM training hub Clinical Lead Dr Gill Tonge. It was really interesting to hear the thinking behind the fellowships and hear the aims of supporting doctors and nurses after the first year of qualifying. The content is free and relevant to all in primary care and will include episodes on remote working, practice management skills, leadership and quality improvement.

Dealing with Uncertainty

Published 14, October 2020

In this episode Lisa and Sara talk to Dr Avril Danczak, a GP with an interest in managing uncertainty in medicine which led to her co-authoring the RCGP published book called Mapping Uncertainty in Medicine.

We cover what uncertainty is, and why it is important to address this within medicine and general practice.

We talk about ‘what to do when you don’t know what to do’, how to classify and identify different forms of uncertainty and then think about how you can go about addressing and managing this uncertainty in a structured way.

Staff Wellbeing and Silver Linings

Published 18, July 2020

Lisa and Sara bring back Dr Joanna Bircher and Dr Viren Mehta for this last episode in the COVID-19 series to reflect on all of the positives that have come from the outbreak in general practice, the personal and professional learning that they have had and some focus on staff wellbeing with a few simple ideas on how to support each other.

Thank you to Practice Managers Sara Mayer at Archwood Medical Practice and Michelle Davenport at Heaton Mersey Medical Practice for sharing their insights too.

Primary Care Nursing During COVID-19

Published 13, May 2020