Effective teaching methods for primary care education (EEEE)

A handbook of ideas to make any educational session more effective, more interesting and more fun.

Training sessions in primary care are crucial for developing skills and helping teams work together. The methods in this handbook will help anyone running training to create sessions that:

  • Draw participants in;
  • Make sessions fly by as participants join in with energy;
  • Work in ways that will suit a variety of participants;
  • Can reinforce learning and make evaluation interesting.


This introduction will help all educators and trainers to be more effectively clarifying the planning, assessment and teaching methods that give success every time.


Explore these chapters to get participants involved and on board right from the start of any training session


Explore here to keep everyone wide awake, enthusiastic and motivated throughout.


Explore here to make every minute of training count, be more interesting and appeal to a variety of participants


Explore here for simple methods to help educators and trainers check their effectiveness, and for quick techniques that also reinforce learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone organising training in primary care for example with groups of staff, participants on placements, GPs in training

The handbook is divided into modules that deal with starting the session effectively (the ENGAGE chapters), how to maintain energy and enthusiasm for participants throughout the session (the ENERGISE chapters) , how to use easy valuation methods to reinforce learning and help you improve your sessions even further (the EVALUATE chapters) and how include many activities to appeal to different levels and types of participants (the ENRICH chapters).

The introduction to each module explains what the resources are all about and there is a contents list at the start to help you find what you are looking for.

This handbook was written by Avril Danczak, a Primary Care Educator for HEENW for many years. She has tried and tested the methods, developed them for primary care and described them clearly so everyone can try them out for themselves.

Read the introduction, then explore the modules that fit the needs you are having. Are your participants reluctant to join in? See the ENGAGE and ENERGISE sections. Do you want to make your sessions more interesting? Try the ENRICH chapters. Are you concerned that your participants are not remembering your key messages? See EVALUATE for ideas.

This is a shared resource and we are keen to grow and develop it with people’s contributions. We want to hear about your feedback, your experiences and to hear about any new educational methods you have devised. In this section there needs to be three forms for contributions. One labelled feedback, one called share your experience and one called contribute a new method


Dr Avril Danczak