Drug and Alcohol

Please see below for offers related to drug and alcohol use.

These include both public and professional only services.


We are with you Wigan and Leigh (previously Addaction)

Can help with: drug and alcohol problems.

The offer: online or local free and confidential support to people experiencing issues with drugs, alcohol or mental health. This can be for yourself or someone you are worried about

Access: public.

Sick Doctors Trust

Can help with: bereavement.

The offer: Can help with from bereavement to drug and alcohol problems

Access: doctors, dentists and medical students.

NHS Practicioner health

Can help with: mental health, wellbeing.

The offer: doctors common room and more. Video conference (zoom) based webinars multiple times per day. run twice daily on zoom for 75 mins. It is a positive place to come together, to connect and to establish a safe, containing space in which to think and reflect. Each session is hosted by experienced Practitioner Health clinicians. People can join the group when they wish and there is no expectation that people will attend every group.

Access: doctors, dentists, medical students and retired doctors brought into clinical practice.