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As a newly qualified GP with an interest in medical education and very little free time (like most GPs) I'm looking forward to using the TALC site as a regular dip in and out revision resource. The easily navigable layout and multimedia definitely appeal - I'll probably listen to podcasts whilst driving or making dinner and use the PDFs to aid supervision/feedback sessions with trainees and medical students.
Newly Qualified GP
"I found it a highly relevant and inspiring talk, and I feel all involved now have access to a fantastic resource which will be very useful in Emergency Medicine."
Consultant in Emergency Medicine
"My trainee thought the ICE chapter was wonderful and carries a highlighted version around with her. I've noticed her trying out a couple of your phrases in a video consultation in our tutorial which is brilliant"
GP Educator and Clinical Supervisor
"I think social workers and counsellors in training would benefit from access to your training. These resources cover issues of great value to therapists such as establishing rapport and learning how to build empathy"
Counselling Practitioner and Trainer (JW)
"I loved the phrases for understanding ideas and concerns and expectations… this links back to very human qualities of being a doctor…helping another human and doing so with curiosity. I particularly love the phrases for expectations. I would literally pay money for these phrases"
GP in Training
"Teaching the nuanced consultation skills is really important to those professions new to primary care"
Paramedic Advanced Clinical Practitioner (SM)
"Thanks so much for sharing the resources I am looking forward to using your tips for consultation skills teaching"
Clinical Supervisor
"Love the TALC PDFs. This will equalise GP training experience across the board"
Newly Qualified GP
"Accessible, modern, innovative, love the chapter titles and it demystifies consultation skills"
Newly Qualified GP
"The website is lovely and properly comprehensive. From the brief look around the website it seems easy to use, has good navigation and is easy to read"
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