Module Seven



Time is our most precious resource. This module sets out skills for using time effectively, meaning that the time that clinicians and patients spend together is more productive.


  • Module 7-0 – Educators discuss ways to use time effectively in consultations
  • Module 7-1 – Can you learn to save time in consultations?
  • Module 7-2 – Simple ways to help your consultations run to time

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Listen to all the podcasts in this module via the playlist below. Each podcast relates to a chapter, as listed in the contents above. A useful omnibus episode is also included, which compiles all the chapters into one podcast.

Download, share and listen at your leisure in the order of your choice. There is supporting PDF documentation further down this page related to each chapter too.

TALC 7-1

Can You Learn To Save Time In Consultations?

TALC 7-2

Simple Ways To Help Your Consultations Run To Time.

TALC 7-3

Computer Says YES.

Top Tips For Using IT Effectively During Consultations