GMTH Work Experience

Read below to find out the main benefits to providing work experience. 

Providing people with work experience benefits the whole industry. When you provide people with work experience it allows them to hone their skills and improve the level and ability of the industry. Providing work experience also promotes the company and the industry as you are giving opportunities to different audiences. Overall bringing in more people to the company and the industry. 

Providing work experience provides all new perspectives from the people you are bringing in which helps to improve the company through feedback. 

Providing work experience shows that you care for the younger generation and people who are wanting to experience work life. This is because providing work experience shows that you are willing to provide people with the experience that they are wanting and you are willing to position them in your work environment. 

Providing work experience allows the ‘student’ to practice and improve their skills, have an insight into what working life is like and if this is the career for them or not. 

Read below to find out the different ways of providing work experience to people. 

There are many different ways to provide work experience for people. These different ways include: 



Work Shadowing

Placement year


Part-time jobs 

Insight events and open days

Workshops and classes

Virtual work placement

Read below to find out what you should expect from your ‘student/s’ during their work experience stay and what your ‘student/s’ expect from you.

What you should expect from your ‘student/s’

Always be respectful

Always be presentable 

Always be punctual 

Demonstrate communication skills

Demonstrate self-management

Listen and pay attention 

Participate in activities with and without others


What your ‘student/s expect from you

To treat them with respect 

To be treated like everyone else

Be given opportunities to develop skills 

Be given opportunities to explore future career options

Be given an insight into what work life is like