Become a Clinical Learning Environment

Become an accredited and audited clinical learning environment to help build the wider social care workforce. Allow students to build their competencies in a real-life, social care environment. 

Your organisation must be:

  • Care homes 
  • To become an accredited CLE you will need to complete an educational audit. Sent to Northwest HEIs for approval. 
  • To take learners on placement and develop them according to a tailored plan set out by the university and Clinical Educator. 
  • No direct fee.
  • Student tariffs – Nurse: £130.96 (week) Paramedic: £130.96 (week) PA: £555 (week). 
  • Helping build the primary care workforce through immersion, experience and knowledge.

If you have any questions please send us an email at [email protected], alternatively, we are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss any questions or queries you may have to support you on the next step of your journey.